At a more than middle age of life
 Pushed by a yearning to be fit,
 I decided to take up jogging;
 I practiced bit by bit
 At first I’d run a yard or two,
 Then I would walk a spell.
 Then I’d start to run again
 And once or twice I fell.
 It was very hard work for me
 To jog on down the road.
 My feet were sore and aching
 As they carried all that load.
 As time slowly passed on by—
 Oh, maybe a year or two—
 I realized with gratitude
 There were aches, but just a few.
 I liked to think as I jogged along
 Of days long since gone by,
 Of the energy and strength of youth
 When my feet could simply fly.
 I felt gratitude for times long gone
 When I could run and run and run
 With youthful grace and vitality
 Simply because it was fun.
 I liked to think about
 That young girl of long ago,
 The one who could always run so fast
 But she is here no more.
 For she is me and I am she—
 The slim girl now grown plump;
 The years have taken speed and grace
 But still down the road we clump.
 I know why the young girl ran;
 It was fun to fly along
 With speed, grace and agility,
 To which that time of life belong.
 But why does the older woman jog—
 So diligently pursue it?
 I know why and I’ll tell you now:
 Its’s great to be able to do it!